After 38 years I have finally found a healthy recipe combining work, love, food, and fitness. I have found in my years that If you dont have the right balance in any 4 of these categories it can drive a woman crazy and just be downright unhealthy. I have been lazy, overworked, divorced, ate like crap, ate really healthy (or so I thought) and all it made me was nice and chubby. I now do crossfit 4-5x a week, yoga once a week, have a wonderful relationship, try to eliminate over 8+ hour days at work, and have now been eating paleo and plan to continue indefinitely. I have a ways to go to hit my own personal goals but I am on the right track!!!

These are my recipes or crazy workouts that have inspired me to write a blog and share with whomever is interested. Comment all you like, suggest ideas too! These are recipes to show you can splurge and enjoy paleo eating, but for the most part- I like to stick to the basics, chicken and veggies, salmon and asparagus, and steak and salad. These are the fun dishes to look forward to during a boring week!

Here’s to a happy balance of good food, traveling the world, fitness, and love!


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