21 Day Sugar Detox

13 Aug

Yup, I am going for it. My friend Christina and I are doing Paleo along with a 21 day no sugar detox. Which means no fruit, sugar, honey, etc… all the good stuff. I know I am highly addicted to sugar so this will be interesting for me. Right around 6-7pm is when its at its worst, so I really just want to rid myself of the cravings.

We will see how it goes, most of my recipes will remain the same but no more treats! Back to the basics really.

After a week in Mexico, it’s time! But really, we didnt eat that bad (besides chips and a few popsicles here and there we did okay!) I actually lost 3-4 lbs. I think it was all the sweating!

So here is my intro to the next 21 days and posts, dedicated to NO SUGAR!

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