24 Jul

Now this is not a random name for a lemon tart (although a paleo lemon tart should be on my to do list of foods….), this is just a post of my review of the Lululemon store I have been trying to avoid for years. I knew their stuff was pretty overpriced but also pretty amazing. So after 2 years, going from almost a size 12, to now almost a size 6, I think I deserve a pair of $100 awesome pants. (Maybe 2)

So I ended up getting the Astro Pant and then the Astro cropped. Oh, and a sports bra, head band, and shirt…

The pants are amazing. They fit like a glove but somehow feel like you still have room to stretch and move around. As far as I have heard from fellow lulu lovers, they keep their shape forever and dont smell like sweat after a workout. I got a size 6 in both, just in case they do stretch a little. The pants were too long, so they hemmed them there for me, for free. 🙂 Oh, and did I mention they make your butt look AMAZing? I think they should be called Ass tro pant instead of Astro pant. Seriously, these are some great bootie pants.

“Ass tro” Pant

The sports bra I am going to call the Burpee Bra. If you dont know what a burpee is then click here…  Yeah, they suck. The reason for this being called the burpee bra, it keeps the girls seriously in place when your doing these. Which are my least favorite things to do. But now with my burpee bra! I am going to kick some burpee ass!

“Burpee” Bra

There is no real reason I needed the shirt or the headband, but what the hell. So now basically my life has consisted of Crossfit, Whole Foods, great looking workout gear, and that’s it. (Oh and work, which I certainly need in order to pay for this overly priced lifestyle I am currently living!)

But I am pretty certain with my new Lulu gear, I am going to be faster and stronger. I think its just in the material. They are basically the Whole Foods of athletic wear. So if you have a couple extra hundred just lying around, I say go for it!! Or put it on your wish list for Christmas…

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