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Paleo Spinach Sausage Egg Bake


I saw this really good looking recipe for a zucchini sausage egg baked thing and thought how good it looked. So on my Sunday shopping to Trader Joes, I wrote everything down I needed for the week making sure to get what was in this dish. I get home, and what do I forget? The main ingredient of zucchini! So I ended up making up an entirely new recipe with items that I bought and substituted the zucchini with spinach. It’s in the oven now, but it looks really good!


*1/2 red onion

*About a cup of chopped mushrooms

*2 uncooked spicy sausages

*Huge handful or two of baby spinach

*About 10-15 cherry tomatoes cut into small pieces

*5-6 eggs


1. This is pretty easy. Chop up the onions and mushrooms and sauté in ghee or butter. When those are slightly cooked, add the 2 sausages- make sure you squeeze them out of the casing and then chop up so it looks like ground beef. When everything is cooked well together add your spinach until just wilted. Add a dash of salt and pepper to taste.

2. Pour your mixture into a greased 8×8 baking dish. Add the cherry tomatoes on top and then whisk your eggs together in a bowl and pour on top of everything. Add parmesan cheese to the top if you want for an extra kick of flavor.

3. Bake for about 25-30 minutes and enjoy! I am going to put mine directly in the refrigerator for tomorrow’s breakfast.

If anyone makes this and would like to use zucchini instead, shred about 4-5 zucchini’s and add to mixture instead of spinach. Or leave the spinach in, might be even better!

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Green beans with cherry tomatoes and bacon

I am realizing I need more veggies in my life and less fruit. It sucks but its true. Next week I am actually going on a no fruit, no nut, no sugar week. I tried about 10 days ago and failed on the first hour. So this week’s grocery shopping will NOT consist of those items and WILL consist of more green’s.

This was really good. I was just going to stir fry some green beans with my one piece of bacon. I saw I had a tub full of cherry tomatoes and figured I would throw those in as well. Good choice! They make this creamy sauce combined with the bacon and becomes really good! (Plus Joe always gives me crap for buying veggies at Costco and saying they go bad. So I am determined never to let my veggies go bad!)


  • A bunch of green beans
  • A bunch of cherry tomatoes
  • 1 piece of bacon. (The really good kind, thick yummy)
  • Little salt and pepper
  • 1 clove of crushed garlic

Chop up your piece of bacon and throw it in with the green beans, tomatoes, and garlic. If the bacon doesnt give you enough slip in your pan for the veggies to cook then add a small amount of coconut oil. (I did). Smells delicious and the longer you cook it the more the bacon and tomatoes combine and make this awesome flavor.

I served mine next to some coconut chicken and non peanut sauce (Recipe in past post) . So tasty!


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