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Magic shell blueberries and learning to live with coffee minus the sugar!

HEch4ssThese are just 2 things I have discovered along the way. My love of coffee and desserts. First- Hot coffee in the morning. But I realized over the years, I started to love my coffee creamer more then my coffee. There are some really creative creamers out there. Cinnamon Dolce Creamer, Almond Joy Creamer, Chocolate peppermint Creamer, you name it. (All filled with massive amounts of sugar and nasty chemicals) So I began to love the creamer and couldn’t care less about the quality of the coffee! You could serve me day old coffee from 7/11 as long as it had some yummy creamer in it, and I was fine.

Well that all ended when Paleo began 4 months ago, and any sugar really ended when sugar detox began a month ago. So I had to figure out how I was going to have my morning coffee. First I discovered Almond Milk Latte’s from Whole Foods. So good. You just have to make sure they use the Almond Milk with no added flavorings, like vanilla. That boosts the sugar from less then 1 gram to like 45 grams! Well you can only do this for so long…those babies get pricey after a while! So I have my own creation now and I actually really like it.

  • Coffee- Almond Milk (Steamed)- 1 or 2 tsp unsweetened cocoa powder.

This combo is really good! Kind of feels like you are drinking a dark chocolate latte. Just there is no sugar in it. I have a Nespresso machine and the steamer part really makes the almond milk froth and taste delicious. Just mix the cocoa powder in with the coffee then add the milk. Fab!

Okay, second part… I love desserts at night. This is so easy its ridiculous.

  • Get some blueberries. Freeze them. Pour some canned coconut milk over them.

The coconut milk freezes like a white magic shell around the blueberries and its a perfect snack/dessert at night. So easy right? It actually is a really good snack and did cut my craving for sweets at the end of the day.


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